Xbox first-party games will increase in price to $69.99

Xbox first-party games will increase in price to $69.99
Microsoft revealed to IGN on December 7 that starting in 2023, the launch pricing for first-party titles in its Xbox family of consoles will increase to $69.99, with confirmed price increases for games including Starsky and Hutchinson and the new Extreme Racing titles. Microsoft said the price change reflects the complexity of these games in terms of content, scale and technical aspects, but like all games developed by the Xbox team, they will also be added to the Game Pass subscription lineup upon their debut. IGN also asked Microsoft about the possibility of price increases for future Xbox Series consoles, but Microsoft declined to respond.

App Store Updates Pricing Mechanism with 700 New Price Points
On December 6, Apple announced a comprehensive upgrade to the App Store’s pricing mechanism that will provide developers with 700 new price points, including 600 new optional price points and 100 premium price points available upon request, bringing the total number of price points available to developers on the App Store to 900; Apple will also provide developers with new pricing tools. These upgrades will be available for apps with auto-renewing subscriptions starting immediately, while all other apps and in-app purchases will be subject to the new pricing mechanism beginning in spring 2023.

OnePlus to launch mechanical keyboard in partnership with Keychron
On December 5, OnePlus announced the launch of its “OnePlus Featuring” collaboration platform, where users can vote for their favorite co-branded products, and the first new product on the platform will be a mechanical keyboard in partnership with Keychron. OnePlus says the mechanical keyboard will support custom keys, but no further details were revealed beyond its availability in 2023.

On December 6, a Meizu phone with the model number meizu m2392 appeared on Geekbench, which is presumed to be the new Meizu flagship “Meizu 20” series phone, and the score results show that it is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor and pre-installed Android 13 operating system.

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