Is Total Uninstaller a Scam or Legit? Total Uninstaller Review

Have you been searching the best Windows uninstaller? Total Uninstaller is the editor’s choice for the best Windows uninstaller over the years. In this post, we will use Total Uninstaller to uninstall apps and it has been proven to be the legit and best one for average PC user.

Testing case #1: Use Total Uninstaller to uninstall PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source database and the fourth most popular. In development for over 20 years, PostgreSQL is managed by a well-organized, highly principled and experienced open source community. It is an object-oriented database, fully ACID-compliant and highly extensible, allowing the community to add new features and functionality as workload requirements evolve.

Due to its extensibility, PostgreSQL offers a variety of built-in PostgreSQL data types, including JSON, XML, HSTORE (key-value), Geo-spatial (PostGIS), IPv6, flexible indexing with compound indexes, GiST, SP-GiST, GIN; full-text search, online index reorganization background worker threads, such as a hosted process called Mongress, which accepts MongoDB queries to interface with Postgres data; a contrib module interface: pgcrypto (data encryption), pg_trgm (finding “similar” data), HSTORE (schema-free data); and extensive SQL support.

PostgreSQL runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, macOS, Solaris) and Windows. Postgres also provides the following library interfaces: OCI, libpq, JDBC, ODBC, .

PostgreSQL databases provide enterprise-class database solutions and are used by a variety of businesses in many industries, including financial services, information technology, government, and media and communications.

Total Uninstaller is able to completely delete all the items of PostgreSQL in our test.

Testing case #2: Use Total Uninstaller to uninstall Transmission

Transmission-Qt is a file-sharing tool that can download seeds, similar to ĀµTorrent and BitComet. transmission is an open source BitTorrent client that supports macOS, Windows and Linux platforms. Transmission has released its first 4.0 Beta, which features a clean and beautiful interface, speed, light weight, privacy protection, and many other rich features. The announcement states that this version has been under active development for over a year since the release of 3.0, and contains numerous changes and over 1000 commits.

The gearbox is designed to be simple and powerful. We’ve set the default settings to work properly, and advanced features such as monitoring block lists like directories and the web interface can be configured with just a few mouse clicks. When Ubuntu chose Transmission as its default BitTorrent client, one of the most commonly cited reasons was its easy learning curve. Unlike many cross-platform applications, Transmission integrates seamlessly with your operating system.

Transmission on macOS is a truly native and seamless experience. This is not some cross-platform application that treats macOS as an afterthought. The Transmission interface is clean and fluid, meeting or exceeding Apple UI standards while using native features. The Qt-based Windows UI has been modernized to fully support Windows 11. The GTK interface has been carefully written to follow GNOME human interface guidelines and features. Transmission has one of the lowest memory and resource footprints of any major BitTorrent client. Transmission’s low overhead is one reason it’s perfect for home NAS and media servers. Already used by Western Digital, Zyxel, and Belkin, Transmission gives truly impressive performance on virtually any compatible hardware.

We don’t bundle toolbars, pop-up ads, flash ads, Twitter tools or anything else. It doesn’t keep some features back in the payware version. We do not track users. There are no third party ads or analytics on our site or forum. The easy-to-use interface features you want in a BitTorrent client: privacy protection, web interface, full peer-to-peer communication, tracker editing, speed limits, and others.

Total Uninstaller is able to completely delete all the items of Transmission in our test.

Total Uninstaller is our recommended tool for automatic app removal. And the most cost-effective pricing allows you to get upgrades, updates and support for a lifetime.

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