How to Safely Use Your Computer

The internet is actually far more dangerous than you can imagine, generally speaking, threats can exist in almost every corner of the internet, if the computer is connected to the internet but unprotected, or its user developed some improper habit of using it, the computer might probably get in trouble with online threats and become very unstable, that’s why it is vital for computer users to learn how to protect your computer from anything that could bring harm to it. Here are seven of my personal tips to help you with this issue.

1. Make sure to install a antivirus or antimalware program in your computer, turn the program on while you are surfing the internet, this is a very essential step. Don’t forget to update it regularly to allow the security program has its latest threats definition.

2. Update your computer program regularly, web browser is usually the one got ignored, actually if you can keep its add-ons and plugins up-to-date, your website browsing experience will be much more safer.

3. Check JavaScript contents in the website carefully. If you stumble upon a website that contains flash or pop-up ads and you find it annoying, this could be potential dangerous you can go to options – content in your Firefox browser, and then uncheck Enable JavaScript and then the flash or pop-up ads will be temporarily stopped from showing up.

4. Setup a firewall in your computer, I suggest the firewall that offered by a trusted security programs like AVG, Mcafee, Kaspersky,etc, with a good firewall program, whenever a process trying to run in your computer, it will be stopped by the firewall first, then it will show you the the percentage of other users who either trust or distrust it. This would bring you great help in identifying an unknown process, prevent your computer from being invaded by threat process.

5. Investigate before clicking. If you receive Email from unknown person or source, do not open it unadvisedly, you can copy the title (subject) of that Email, then paste it to, search for it, you might get some result that contains the description or discussion of that Email. Same rules applied to unknown websites.

6. Surf the internet anonymously by using a Proxy Hider, take it easy, it is absolutely legal, I’m not saying it is a necessary by using Proxy Hider, your identification, personal information, IP address will be protected from being revealed.

7. Use browser other than Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is good, but the sad part is, it has many loop holes that could be used by hackers, it is not a very safe web browser. To surf the internet, I personally recommend Firefox, Chrome by google will do as well.

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