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URL Manager Pro

URL Manager Pro for Mac is the professional bookmark manager for Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, iCab, and Firefox browsers that makes it easier to manage bookmarks, email addresses, and newsgroups.

System-level access

You can access bookmarks in any application through the system menu.


You can access your bookmarks from your browser’s menu bar and Dock.

Document Storage

Your bookmarks are stored in URL Manager Pro bookmarked documents, which you can store and manipulate the normal Mac way. There is no need to look for bookmarks in your browser’s preferences folder. You can make automatic periodic saves and copy bookmarked documents on your backup device each time you save.


You can browse the web using several different browsers, and URL Manager Pro records the history of each browser.

Import and Export Bookmarks

The File menu gives you a list of all browsers that URL Manager Pro can import and export. It can get bookmarks and URLs by scanning HTML and text files. It lets you quickly edit and organize bookmarks: you can use inline editing, tags and colors for your bookmarks.


iClip is a clipboard management tool for Mac, very easy to use, you open the application and move the mouse to the right to see an additional translucent pasteboard, the mouse will disappear after moving away, very convenient and will not hinder your work. iClip is a clipboard management software for Mac, iClip is a multi-clipboard and scrapbook utility that allows users to copy and store a variety of information (text, objects, images, and other information) by using iClip. Users can simply drag files to the iClip box when copying and pasting, and then click the Unload button in the iClip. What’s also so powerful about iClip is its ability to remember a lot of information for retrieval. Steven Audette, a developer from Irridated Software, hasn’t updated iClip for about five years after buying the software from its original author. There is now the latest iClip 5.2.1 version. Sometimes you may need to play some great videos from video sites in an offline environment. With iClip, you can download video shows to your iOS device and play them anytime, anywhere.


Postico is an excellent PostgreSQL client for the Mac platform, supporting local and remote cloud services, Heroku Postgres, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, and more. PostgreSQL is a powerful database. But there is no reason why using it should require an advanced degree of relationship theory.

Postico offers an easy-to-use interface that makes Postgres easier to use for both novices and experts. To anyone who has ever used a Mac, Postico looks familiar. Simply connect to the database and start working with tables and views. Start with the basics and learn the advanced features of PostgreSQL. Postico is an intuitive app for viewing data. Filter rows, sort, rearrange columns. You can conveniently check long texts or images in the sidebar. Even related rows in the reference table are displayed. Edit the line directly, or use the sidebar, which is a long text selection. You can even change multiple rows at once. Batch save (using SQL preview) allows you to commit changes to multiple rows in a single transaction. One query view of the Postico movement was inspired by popular MySQL customer Sequel Pro. But with sophisticated features, such as multiple query results, Postico even goes beyond its role model.

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